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U Pyrnicki
ul. Anieli Gut-Stapińskiej 20
34-520 Poronin

Train your skills PL

Train your skills

Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals
02-10th December 2015
Poronin, Poland


Project "Train your skills" is a youth exchange, organised under Erasmus + Programme. It is dedicated to young people in age of 15 - 17 from three European countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia. The main aim of the project is to promote sport as a tool for developing physical activity as well as rising level of entrepreneurship of young people. We will prove that sport influences on developing soft skills of young people, and thus increase their attractiveness on the labor market. Participants will discover their strengths, and also the ways in which they should present the strenghts during the process of searching job. All these activities will make participants more open, flexible and atractive on labor market. Young people will take part in various workshops and meeting with expert and thanks to this they will broaden their theoretical and practical knowledge about labor market and soft skills. All workshops and meeting will be done with nonformal education methods with active participation of young people. The outcome of the project will be increase of enterprise, self-confidence, communication skills on one hand, and the development of physical activity on the other. Moreover, we will create an international portal (blog) dealing with issues of the youth labour market and the problems associated with finding a job. The organizer of the project is the "Fundacja Pomocy Człowiek Człowiekowi”.


Arrival: The participants are expected to arrive on 2nd of December to Cracow (Kraków) or directly to Poronin. The organizers will meet everyone in Cracow (the exact meeting point will be provided in the future).
Please, do not take taxi. In such a case the organisers will be not able to reimburse these costs. If you want to travel by car, please, agree it with the organizers.
Departure: 10th of December (morning/early afternoon), from Poronin or Cracow.
! Please note that the organisers will not cover any accommodation and food costs outside the project dates (December 02-10, 2015).


Project will take place in Poronin. It’s a village in Tatra County, in southern Poland. It lies approximately 7 km east of Zakopane, and 84 km south of the regional capital Kraków.
We will be accommodated in hotel “U Pyrnicki”. Below you can find address of the place and website.
Please inform the organizers well in advance if you have any special needs e.g. mobility, health care, allergies, dietary needs, etc. Please, let us know if you are vegetarian/vegan.

Adress of the place
U Pyrnicki
ul. Anieli Gut-Stapińskiej 20
34-520 Poronin


We would like to invite : 9 particpants + 1 leader – it’s 10 people in total
The participant’s age must be between 15 – 17 years old, leader – in fact no age limit
Contributions to the project:
1. Energizers - 1 energizer (about 30 minutes) per group in the whole project
2. Intercultural evenings - please, prepare presentation about your country. It can be everything! Be creative! Mind that the presentation shouldn’t be only pictures, you can show us your dances, clothes, food. The more active and creative, the better;)
3. Information about labor market – we kindly ask you to make small research in your country, to gain information about your labor market eg. opportunities and challenges that young people have to face in order to find a job; government’s actions supporting young people in finding job; the most important and required qualifications and skills


1. Intercultural Evening: drinks and food from your country and region and any other items that may help you to present your country during the intercultural evening.
2. NGO fair: flyers, brochures, promotional materials, etc., to present your organisation to the other participants.
3. For travel and visa reimbursements: invoices, tickets and boarding passes related to your travel and visa for reimbursements
4. Health and Social insurance documents in case of emergency (the organisers will not cover insurance costs and/or medical costs in the country!). Poland is in EU, so the European Health Insurance Card is valid!
5. Clothing: warm and comfortable clothes and shoes (especially pay attention to the clothes for the outdoor activities).
6. Medicine you need regularly as you may not find your usual medicines in local pharmacies.


If you need any more information, please feel free to contact us:

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